About Us

Dental care & oral hygiene is an important and inseparable part of our everyday life, yet it can be costly. FRESHIELD was created with the mission to bringing highest quality dental care solutions that everyone can afford.

We also believe Trust and User Experience are the only key to long term success, so we only sell products that we have tested, are satisfied with their quality and meet US & international safety standard. All our products are real. We guarantee 100% Satisfaction for return or refund in 30 days if you are not satisfied with us.

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Important Notice!

We are aware there are a limited number of sellers permitted to sell counterfeit FRESHIELD Retainer and Denture Cleaner on Amazon.com since mid Feb 2019. Our product safety team are been working hard to remove these from circulation and ensure that only safe, genuine FRESHIELD products can be purchased.

SKYBLUE LIVING (Skyblue Seasons LLC) is our ONLY authorized seller on Amazon. If you bought your FRESHIELD Retainer and Denture Cleaner from them, then we guarantee you have received a genuine product. If you have bought from other sellers, it is mostly a fake product infringing our brand. 

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